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Organically Fed Dubia Roaches

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These are healthy, nutritious dubia roaches to feed your reptiles. You can choose between a range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your pets. These feeder roaches are fed our secret formula of healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, so you can be sure only the best, safest foods are being fed to your reptiles.

Our feeder insects are some of the most nutritious, cheapest bearded dragon food. They also make a great addition to powdered crested gecko food. On average, they pack a whopping 25% protein with a meaty body. The additional protein will boost your reptile’s energy and overall health.

There are dozens of benefits to switching to a dubia roach diet for your pets, including:

  • Their inability to climb or jump, so you can rest assured that your house will not be infested with escapees.
  • They will not claw or bite your reptiles, like crickets.
  • Their larger size means less you need to purchase and feed.
  • Dubia roaches require only the most basic care of room temperature, room humidity, roach chow, and water.

These will not be sexed, so you will receive a random amount of males and females. Male dubia roaches have long, full-sized wings and females have short stubby wings; although, neither can fly.

And of course, your order is always backed by our Live Arrival Guarantee. Additionally, all roaches are shipping with enough food to survive until they become reptile food.

Customer Reviews

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Very Good

They were larger than I thought and my monitor ate them immediately after seeing them. I would buy from here again.

Fat heathy roaches!

I ordered 10 Lg and they came in great condition, active and healthy. They’re for my leopard gecko, I usually feed him crickets but it looks like he prefers roaches now. Definitely will be ordering again!