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About Roach Rancher

Emerald Tree Boa Terrarium

First and foremost, Roach Rancher is a company dedicated to the proper husbandry of every animal, especially reptiles and arachnids. Keeping snakes, tarantulas, and other exotic pets is a particularly rewarding experience that requires copious amounts of research and time and money investment. Our priority is providing a habitat that mimics the inhabitant's natural environment. One example of such enrichment is feeding dubia roaches. Live prey items help foster the stalking and hunting instincts of these beautiful animals.

Live Dubia Roaches

We offer the healthiest, most nutritious dubia roaches on the market. We are able to do this by packing the roaches full of organic fruits and vegetables before sending them to you. When you feed these live feeder insects to your pets, they'll improve the overall health and lifespan of your precious creatures. That is a guarantee that very few other suppliers can offer.