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Premium Dubia Roaches

Start your colony with premium quality, well-fed dubia roaches. We offer the highest pedigree of roaches fed only organic, proprietary roach chow.

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Dubia Roach Colony-in-a-Cup Starter Kit - Roach Rancher

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Feed Your Pets The Best Feeder Insects

Crickets? You're asking for trouble. With dubia roaches, you can rest assured, knowing that your precious pets are safely munching on a nutritious, natural food.


Are dubia roaches safe?

Dubia roaches are arguably the safest of the commonly used feed insects. They cannot bite or scratch your reptile, like crickets, so you safely leave the roaches overnight, if your pet doesn't immediately want to eat.

Can dubia roaches fly?

No! Despite the wings, dubia roaches cannot fly. Neither males (the ones with large wings) nor females (short wings) can fly. The wings can help with falling from large distances, but otherwise, serve no purpose.

Do they smell bad?

Dubia roaches do not smell or chirp, so if you are squeamish about feeding live insects, dubia roaches are out of sight and out of mind. Always remove uneaten dead insects within a day though, so your scaly friend does not eat a decomposing roach.

Can dubia roaches escape?

One of the best benefits of feeding dubia roaches is their inability to jump or climb smooth surfaces. You will still need an escape proof dish, as they are quite large and can reach the top of a small dish.