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Dubia Roach Colony-in-a-Cup Starter Kit

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Starting your own colony of dubia roaches? Great idea! You will save a ton of money feeding your little critters by raising your own home grown dubia roaches. But instead of buying male and female dubia roaches PLUS all of the supplies, try our easy Colony-in-a-Cup Starter Kit! It's an easy way to jump start a colony with a variety of maturity levels WITHOUT the hassle of choosing the perfect ratios.

  • A whopping 70 grams of dubia roaches! 10-15 adults on average!
  • Comes with roaches ranging from newborn nymphs to pregnant adults, so you'll have your own colony instantly.
  • Want a bigger colony? Purchase multiple cups and jumpstart the process even faster!

How many roaches do I receive?

On average, there's over 100 roaches in the cup, with 10-15 adults. This colony-in-a-cup is designed to jumpstart a colony, so we include a range of dubia roach sizes, from nymph to adult. You will likely receive pregnant females in every cup, so you will start breeding newborns immediately.

How fast will these roaches breed?

The breeding rate of dubia roaches fluctuates, but you can expect 25 newborn roaches for every pregnancy on average. If you start with 10 pregnant females, you will often have over 200 roaches within the first month. It's best to start slow, as you will receive exponential population growth over time.

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Meaghan E.

Best company for dubias. They treat you right

Thanks for the support!

Fremont M.

Happy reptiles, so I'm happy!

Asa T.


Jacquetta C.

Loves her roaches!

Dionysus M.

Tons of roaches! Worth the price!